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I thought women were banned from buying cheaper car insurance?

No. It is illegal for insurers to use an applicant's sex in a discriminatory manner when calculating premiums. However there are ways round this.

So how do insurers offer cheaper quotes to females?

There are two major ways.

(1) The first is is to place more emphasis on an applicant's job or profession. If nurses, care workers, HR professionals, marriage guidance councillors, catering staff etc are offered lower premiums than the average, that is perfectly legal. The fact that most of these people are, statistically, more likely to be women is irrelevant as far as the law is concerned, but highly relevant to insurance underwriters.

(2) Companies that advertise their policies to females cannot discrimate against any males who apply. However, to be realistic, how many men will buy a policy from a company called GoGirl, Its4women, DriveLikeaGirl etc? Not many I bet. These companies can choose, if they wish, to offer lower premiums than the average. The fact that not many blokes will apply won't enter their minds of course.

Should I just get quotes from specialist female motor insurance companies then?

No. Using a good price comparison site may result in much cheaper quotes. This is because there are many more factors that affect your car insurance premium apart from your sex. The postcode you live in, for instance, could be far more influential.

On the other hand, if you are a lady who has decided to go into an industry or profession that has traditionally been more male dominated, you may find they can offer you lower prices.

Haven't premiums for we girls gone up?

No. In some cases they have fallen, in relation to premiums for males.

It is a myth that we all enjoyed cheaper insurance than the men before the European Court poked their noses in. Certainly young women under 25 paid less than young boys, with their high testosterone fueled accident rate, but those between about 26 and 55 were charged about the same. The over sixties actually used to get higher quotes, on average, than their menfolk; insurers decided that because a lot of husbands were retiring they would expect their wives to do more of the driving, and so be more likely than before to have accidents. I shan't comment on this bizarre 'logic' but discrimination like this is now illegal. Overall, then, premiums for women are still lower than those for men.

So how do I get the cheapest quotes?

Same as everyone else - use a good price comparison engine, or better still get prices from several of them. Even if an insurer that specialised in the female market was likely to offer you the lowest prices or best benefits, most of them are included on the price comparison sites anyway. Click on our 'Click me to compare quotes' button now.

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