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We check the prices, so you don't have to!!

How we carried out the tests

We created profiles of 50 people, 25 males and 25 females. For each person we changed the following data:
In order to avoid over-complication we kept the same:
We then got quotes for each person, from four different major price comparison sites. We took the necessary steps to make each quote anonymous, to avoid the possibility of data contamination.

We must stress that we recorded the lowest prices only. Although you can usually stipulate the voluntary excess (ie, your contribution towards the cost of any claims that you are adjudged to be responsible for) that you are prepared to pay, most insurers levy a compulsory excess on top of this. Some charge more than others but to keep matters simple we have paid no attention to this, since we have been concentrating on the lowest prices only. Also, many insurers include benefits such as free legal costs, courtesy car, breakdown assistance etc. which we have, again, kept out of the equation. It is quite possible, therefore, that policies that are not the lowest priced could still be the better choice if you really need the fringe benefits they offer.

It is also worth bearing in mind that many companies run special offers from time to time and these can distort statistics like these. You should therefore treat our figures as a bit of fun only, and not rely on them when deciding where to buy your car insurance from!


A lot of the cheaper quotes involved telematic (black box) policies and whilst these were, originally, mainly confined to young drivers, or those with a poor driving record, they now seem more mainstream. Whilst many of us may be uneasy about the security implications, we think that they will be used more and more in the future as the technology becomes more efficient and cost effective. We have, therefore, not differentiated between telemetric and non-telemetric policies.

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